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Where did the time go?

Well, so far no con crud....just a case of the PCD's.  *needs a hug*

Returning to FC!

Well....I'm all registered and my hotel reservations are in!

Finally, after a two-year absence from this and most every other furry con in the west, this blue fox will be returning to Further Confusion.  Unfortunately, this sour economy has taken its toll on my budget and going to cons was just not possible (I had to learn to enjoy "stay-cations"). 

But, when the company I work for is finally starting to turn a profit now, we've been able to get bonuses once again which now gives me sufficient funds for traveling to FC.  I'm sure glad they've moved it to a new location that has alot more rooms available...this late in the year (in previous years), I normally would be way too late to get a room.  As it is, its still going to be a little pricy, so I'm hoping to get someone to share the room with.  I was only able to get a Standard King room at the Hilton (despite what the FC website says, all the Standard Double rooms are taken).

I really look forward to seeing all my furry friends again and hope to have a super time this coming January at FC and more cons in the new year.
I'm keeping good thoughts for all my furry friends on the East Coast to stay safe and dry this weekend as the dangerous storm approches....BIG HUGZ

Does anyone know....

....if mousepaws made it to FC okay?  Please let me know...

Have a Safe Drive to FC

Even though I'm not able to go to FC this year, I have been monitoring the drive down from the Northwest...  At this point, if you are not already on the road, heading south on I-5, be advised that the best way to get to the Bay Area will be cutting over to U.S. 101 at Grants Pass (on U.S. 199) and NOT take the 5 down thru the Siskyous or Northern California.  I-5 has been closed most of the day between Dunsmuir and Redding, due to snow (with Chains Required between Weed and Dunsmuir).  It may be reopened by now (7PM), but driving is treacherous!  And its not getting better tomorrow...heavy snow is predicted for the Siskyous all the way down to Redding and there likely will be more closures of I-5 also.

U.S. 101 is a slower route down, but you shouldn't have to deal with any snow....take the Richmond-San Rafel Bridge over to the east bay and follow I-880 to San Jose.

Good luck, have a safe trip, and hope that you have a great time at FC!

What to do this weekend without FC

Well, for the first time in six years, I'm going to have nothing to do this weekend...since I won't be going to FC.  I guess there are some movies playing that I haven't seen yet.  Princess and the Frog or maybe Alvin and the Chipmunks....  I was looking at the schedule for FC this year and the layout of the hotel and it looks like an interesting setup...hope it all goes well. 

It's just that the money isn't there this year to make the trip and afford the increased costs of hotel, parking, food, gas, etc.  Maybe, hopefully, I can do it next year...

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the con....and stays well.

FC 2009 Summary

Sorry I'm so late with this, but it's the first time I've had to sit down and reflect on this year's FC... Overall, it was another great time there in San Jose.  And after 2 years of weather issues driving down from Portland, finally we had a smooth drive caravaning with Orwin.  All together in our group besides myself were my navigator, Mousepaws and with Orwin in his car was Frizbee, DannyWolf, and Brandon.  We had a good time driving both down and back from FC (which helped combat the PCDs on the long drive back)..

As I feared, I overslept a little and we were 30 minutes late leaving from Mousepaw's place but it was okay.  We stopped at a Fred Meyer in Grants Pass for some breakfast and picked up some snacks to have in the room for the con, and later on stopped in Redding at the first In-N-Out Burger on I-5 going south (we also stopped at one in Vacaville on our way back, so that really satisfied our In-N-Out cravings, since we don't have them up here).  I suggested that we take a different route into the Bay Area to avoid most of the rush-hour traffic, so we continued down the 5 to Stockton and then went west on 205/580 into where we catch the 680 going into San Jose. Big Mistake.  We encountered as much, or maybe more traffic going thru Sacremento and Stockton, plus it was 30 miles longer going that way, too.  Needless to say, we didn't go back that way, even if we didn't avoid taking a toll bridge.  So we finally made it to the Doubletree by around 7:30.  Luckily, Orwin and I were both able to find a place to park without too much searching around, especially since they put up the "parking lot full" sign up, but they let us in anyway.

It was fun meeting up with everyone again, and getting invited to some cool parties.  One was on the first night, a tropical-themed party with margaritas for everyone (over 21 with ID). The next night, Pepe hosted another plushie party (it was great that it was on the fursuit floor, right across the hall from our room).

Whoever was organizing the rooms on the fursuit floor did a really great job...everyone who was aquainted with each other seemed to get rooms next to one another, which helped make things alot more festive!

The surfing theme was a really great one for this year...I was prepared this time with some leis and tropical shirts to wear with my fursuits.  Except for my Ninja Turtle suit, which I wore for the first time at FC.  It was quite a challenge trying to get around the con in it, especially in crowded areas due to limited vision in the head (all I can see is the ground, thru the mouth).  I did encounter a Turtle fan in the Dealer's Den and she got a pic with both Michaelangelo and Raphael (at different times).

I finally got to wear Aubie in Critterlympics this year, since he missed out last year due to the weather and things went alright.  Next time I'm at FC, I think I might just be a fursuited spectator however.  The events seem to go the same way every year and they're getting a little too physical for my fursuits (and me). 

It was great getting a good seat to shoot video of both the Masquarade and Furry Nite Live this year.  It never ceases to amaze me all the new suits people come up with...extremely inovative, especially that last one, Wolflink (?). And every year FNL seems to improve on the previous year...great job, Jimmy, especially with the bug you were fighting on putting together a fabulous cavalcade of furry talent (without belly dancers!).

Monday came all too soon again and of course, we had the nicest weather of the con when we were leaving.  At least all the sunny weather made the trip back north easier...as was having the company of everyone that we drove down with.

As for next year, I didn't pre-reg for FC 2010 at the con as I'm not sure we'll be going.  The new hotel for the con looks fabulous, but there are still some questions I have about whether it will be affordable and if parking will be available.  When I went to AFF in Spokane last year, the valet parking was already full at the hotel (and we arrived there at noon) and we scrambled to empty the car on the street and then I had to find a nearby garage to parking in.  I don't really want to go thru that again at FC.  I'd like to take advantage of the valet parking, but with no guarantee that it will be available by the time we drive all the way down there...I don't know.  Plus, how hard will it be just to get there into downtown San Jose and what exit/freeway will be the best to take?  So many questions.... It might be a good idea to take a year off from FC to see how it goes and instead either go to a different con (or maybe Disneyland!).

Hugs and thank to everyone that I got to see...Super Jayhawk, Ultra Gor (great job customizing my FC 2008 shirt!), Scruff E., Plushlover, Pepe, Dagget, MikeYote, Grant, GamerWolf, Bradhound, Axelroo, Thumper (how did you get into my video?),TH Squirrel (glad you could make it!), Pika, Thrash, the members of "The Eclectic Oddballs", and everyone else I wish I could remember...and I hope to see you again soon!

OMG! The snow is finally gone!

Now, I love the idea of having a white Christmas, but having to drive out in it is another matter.  I admit it did seem rather festive when we first started getting the snow here in Portland(Gresham) and it was nice to get the unexpected days off from work just before the holiday to get some last-minute wrapping and other stuff I could do at home.  And it was rather fun (not to mention alot of exercise) to walk a couple of blocks down to Fred Meyer in ankle-deep snow, watching snowmobiles and ATVs buzzing up and down Powell Blvd.  But, it wore out its welcome when it started turning to ice, then into mushy, slushy stuff that made getting down side streets a major chore...even with 4-wheel drive AND chains.  And with the stores running out of things like milk and bread and HAMBURGER, it was definately time for the white stuff to go away.  And, thank goodness, by last Saturday, it was mostly gone...or at least enough so that I could take off my chains.  No more traveling across town at 25 mph taking an hour and a half to make a drive that normally takes 30 minutes, listening to the SLAP SLAP SLAP of those Les Schwab chains (I have yet to figure out what makes that racket, but thankfully, it doesn't seem to do any damage to my car, so far). 

Back to normal....can't wait for FC!

Yes FC!!!

Things that help reassure confidence in the human condition...and tell you the kind of people I work with.  My supervisor just told me today that after discussion with the "powers that be" in my department, I am now approved to take the time off needed to attend Further Confusion this January.  She assured me that there would be extra hours needed to be put in before and after to get the needed work finished (which is okay by me...I'm used to the overtime that time of the month anyway). 

So, there will be NO void in activity this January...I will be at FC!!  And the holidays will be merry again!!

<Now I just need to make sure I've got the $ needed, again>


Yesterday, I put in my request (as I have done in the past) for time off from work for FC next month.  This year, my response was...sorry, we'll be too busy that time of the month to let you take time off.  So, this time around, I won't be going to FC and with the way things are going at work, I don't know when or if I'll be able to go to FC.  Since they reduced the size of my department from 3 people to 2, it narrows any opportunity during the month for vacations, since they won't take the time to cross-train anyone to be a back-up person.  So, that's the situation I'm stuck with. 

Sorry I won't be able to see any of my California furriends..perhaps we'll meet up somewhere later on in the year.  I hope everyone has a good time this year.  I think they chose a fun theme for 2009...I wish I could be there to share the fun.